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February 8, 2011
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Venus Diary 08 by strangefour Venus Diary 08 by strangefour
Here are the finalized sketches for earthian math teacher Margaret Maxwell and venusian Princess Zala. I removed Maggie's tie because it would be a liability in any fight scenes. Then again she's wearing ridiculous heels for an alien planet, but it's not like you see her feet much at all. Zala's jewelry and hair was more symetricalified. She also got a bit cuter and her defined head shorted than Maggie height. Also showing off that no native of Venus wears shoes.

I can't remember any logic behind lack of footwear besides well, she's half naked anyway. A planet full of hot topless women doesn't need to worry about closets full of shoes. By that I mean this fantasy Venus filled with alien ladies has a warm tropical climate. They are also all sexy. I was told to draw them as such. I could not disagree with Christine on that point.

A Princess of Venus:
diary 01
diary 02
diary 03
diary 04
diary 05
diary 06
diary 07
diary 09
diary 10
Strangerataru Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
These encounters do happen.
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