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Game of Nobles: The Gang Loses A Hand by strangefour
Game of Nobles: The Gang Loses A Hand
The actual living members of our characters facing the trials of House Carlin are a motley crew of misfits from all over the nation of Krinesrike.

Udo Artaud - (me)

Quincy & Maurice -

Cathrin -

Gelles Magain -

Sybil Kurovadis -

[cat tired, details later]
Game of Nobles: House Carlin by strangefour
Game of Nobles: House Carlin
As a side story to the D&D campaign I'm playing in (DM calls it Chronicles of Etare but I think of it as Dungeons and Dragons) we've started playing a game that's sorta cross between Game of Thrones and Code Geass. So some of our regular gaming gang are playing characters in a kinda Germanic city state under the control of House Carlin on alternate weeks. There has been much drama.

Cornelia Carlin -

Siorus Carlin -

Aldric Carlin -

Master Smallglass -

Irlarus -

[sleepy, will fill in notes tomorrow]
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season Four by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season Four
D&D campaign has taken a turn for the bad for our characters, but that's good for the over all story telling. Long story short the city we were in was burned to the ground, ravaged by xenophobic rebels, and fell into the sea in an earthquake. All because one of us kind of sort of tried to kill a resurrected ancient emperor with a Death Note, unfortunately he didn't stay dead for long and created all that destruction. But we only lost one character and gained so many new physical and emotional scars.

Marjorie - The person (NPC) who has been with the party the longest has lost the woman she was falling in love with and an arm. But the demonic curse placed upon her has given her that arm back and provided her with a more demonic (tiefling) appearance.
Mimnona - Was finally starting to get comfortable with city living right when the city was wiped off the face of the world. Lost part of one ear, two of her friends, the last three people she was intimate with, and that beautiful dress she spent all her gold on in the destruction. Her current mood is complicated to say the least.
Rose - A noble woman (NPC) who had just become the elected lord (Doge) of the city of Etzino days before it all fell down around her and she fell into a cave with us under her new palace.
Elias - Went a little mad as the blood of the dead above us rained down into the cave we landed in. Thus driving his vampire nature to fits of laughter for a while. Hopefully the madness was only temporary.
Bianca - Never really had a place to call home, but the city and everything in it she knew is no more. Again hopefully that won't lead to any long term madness.
Ashe - As an outsider elf trained to be a focused swordswoman she's dealing with the chaos better than the rest of us and thus might be the leader of the group.
Ozai - Another elf from the island of Kyosa to be introduced to our group next session. (Replacement for Quorra, yeah there's a theme.)

[Edit 1: Added Ozai. Still need to clean up messy pencils.]
[Edit 2: Added Marjorie. Colored pencils all cleaned up.]
Gem stone doodle by strangefour
Gem stone doodle
Have only seen a handful of Steven Universe, liked it yet haven't gone out of my way to see more. But it seems to keep coming up on twitter so I felt the urge to draw Amethyst and the rest. Amethyst is the best. She was born in the Amigara Fault. :3
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Etzino NPCs by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Etzino NPCs
Some of the non-player characters we have collect at the pseudo-Italian town of Etznio in my Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Bohnae - A free skeleton released from the service of an incompetent necromancer (Oigos). Now he serves Remington of his own free will.
Prince Remington - A Fae-rret lord who has lost his kingdom, in that he doesn't remember where it is. He wants us to find it for him.
Tharud - The wider half-orc in Zane employs to guard and cart about his "magical" cart.
Zane - A dubious spell salesman. Most of the scrolls he sells don't work but the "Magical Minty Oils" he makes is rather effective.
Gursh - The taller half-orc who Zane employs to protect and pull around Zane's "magical" cart.
Man I haven't updated in forever... Oh well. Going to Kitsunekon again! Yay!
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