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Gem stone doodle by strangefour
Gem stone doodle
Have only seen a handful of Steven Universe, liked it yet haven't gone out of my way to see more. But it seems to keep coming up on twitter so I felt the urge to draw Amethyst and the rest. Amethyst is the best. She was born in the Amigara Fault. :3
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Etzino NPCs by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Etzino NPCs
Some of the non-player characters we have collect at the pseudo-Italian town of Etznio in my Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Bohnae - A free skeleton released from the service of an incompetent necromancer (Oigos). Now he serves Remington of his own free will.
Prince Remington - A Fae-rret lord who has lost his kingdom, in that he doesn't remember where it is. He wants us to find it for him.
Tharud - The wider half-orc in Zane employs to guard and cart about his "magical" cart.
Zane - A dubious spell salesman. Most of the scrolls he sells don't work but the "Magical Minty Oils" he makes is rather effective.
Gursh - The taller half-orc who Zane employs to protect and pull around Zane's "magical" cart.
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season Three, The Ball by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season Three, The Ball
Dungeons and Dragons campaign is hurtling towards our most dangerous task yet: we have been invited to test all our skills in etiquette and manners at the fancy party held at some rich duchess's mansion. Why some noble woman would want a band of weirdos at her party we have yet to find out... but it's probably going to end catastrophically. What does one roll for dancing anyway? 1d20 vs troll feet?

Ashe - Our new samurai elf bandmate, who has come along to replace a shower shy spider.
Mimnona - Got mad at Cass because of a dead sloth and shattered emeralds. So she is taking out her anger in a weird way, by spending most of her loot share on the most expensive dress so she can rub it in Cass's face how good she looks. Unfortunately...
Spider-Cass - Cassandra hit a spot of bad luck trying to save some children (actually sidetracked planning a heist of the mansion) and got eaten by the back end of a phallic monster. But her patron goddess showed (comedic) mercy and let her come back to life as a spider. One lucky roll saved her from immediate swatting.
Bianca - Was the one who almost smashed Spider-Cass. Because who isn't afraid of spiders? Did the design work for most of our new fancy attire. Strange designs.
Quorra - Adapting to life dating a cursed ex-skeleton swordswoman as well as can be expected when surrounded by vampires, trolls, pyros, and spiders.
Marjorie - The dance should help her take her mind off her lost soul and the demonically possessed sword she is currently cursed with. Maybe. We hope.
Elias -He is still a vampire. Encountered the creepy old man that sired him, banged one of our old antagonists, had a little breakdown in a haunted wood, and had temporary amnesia thus forgetting those lost children.

(Among the many things used as reference for Mimnona's outfit was *Mute's fancy hair thingy.)
((Edited some art tweaks have been made to a name, height, and jewelry.))
Transformers: Nemesis Genesis by strangefour
Transformers: Nemesis Genesis
Comic drawn a while ago  from a script by my pal Monzo
Starring little Buckethead and some of his scientific mistakes.
Text is rather tiny, but I'm not editing art from over 6 years ago.
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season Three by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season Three
Dungeons and Dragons campaign I'm in have moved to the equatorial city of Etzino in the city-state collective known as Estelia (it's basically Italy). Local laws and mercenary guilds mean we can't carry weapons or wear armor without permits. Plus it's hot we're mostly in the medieval equivalent of breezy sundresses.

Cassandra - Cleric. Back in her home town. Trying to keep a low profile and get some gold. To give to an orphanage of course. Dislikes Mimnona because of Mimnona's disdain for the accumulation of excess wealth. Likes redheads.
Mimnona - Barbarian. Awkward girl from a little town come to the big bad city to escape an "accident." Not the accident that covered her left arm with a burn scar. That was a ratman wizard's fireball. Not comfortable with the local weather. At least not with clothes on.
Elias - Vampire. Needs to drink blood every few days. And to heal. And for fun. The rest of us are not really comfortable with that. Well not for free anyway.
Bianca - Artist. Native of the seedier side of Etzino. Involved with the town's underworld somehow. Wild Mage living on the wild side.
Marjorie - Warrior. Reveling in all the tastes and touches of a new city. To the point of excess. Understandable since she has fresh new flesh. She was a skeleton last week. Also might being going insane from swallowing some of a gelatinous cube. Is a redhead.
Quorra - Amazon. From the island chain matriarchal nation of the Seven Sisters. Has been touched by Marjorie. Some they are an item. Maybe. (Yes it's pronounced Korra.)
Man I haven't updated in forever... Oh well. Going to Kitsunekon again! Yay!
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