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Ultraman 80 Foes 3
The last of Ultraman 80's kaiju. They are more interesting than the first and second batch. However a lot of the episodes towards the end feature annoying child actors as the main characters of the episode plots. In the end 80 has more hits than misses when compared to Ultraman Leo or earlier Ultra shows. Leo reveled in craziness, 80 settles into more standard Ultraman plots in odd ways.
Ultraman 80 Foes 2
Got back to drawing the kaiju from Ultraman 80 after putting it aside for months. There's more variety than the first batch of 80 kaiju. Sort of. There's still a lot of Godzilla shaped things with three toed feet.
Ultraman 80 Foes 1
Continuing on from my doodles of kaiju from Leo, here's the first chunk of kaiju from Ultraman 80. 80 is less crazy than Leo was, it starts in an interesting way with the main character being a school teacher by day and monster fighter by night. The kaiju designs are nicely detailed for the beginning few episodes but start being similar and even reusing the same suit with modifications after a bit. Like Zarudon is just Noiseler with a new head and it's wings trimmed down.
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Team BLEED
Hey another D&D group picture, it's been a while. Another campaign means another set of rules, cause our DM likes to test us. Basic D&D style only with Call of Cthulhu like percent dice for most rolls. I love CoC %s so I'm having fun. We're a handful of people trying to get our Adventuring License by doing odd dungeon drawing jobs for the local sheriff like official. That is until we kinda sorta joined a cult, because one of us just had to get back to her daemon controlled girlfriend no matter the moral cost.

Breve - Extremely angry one armed battle hardened ex-soldier looking for an old flame in all the wrong places.
Lachrus - Elven necromancer always on the look out for his next flesh puppet or demon thrall.
Leena - Cheerful dancing halfling seamstress who slices through goblins like a tornado of swords.
Lucky - Not his real name, but he is lucky enough to be a catboy daemonologist who has avoided joining a cult.
Erik - Brooding swordsman who talks to demon prince possessed sword and not to the rest of the party.
Dianthe - Lizardwoman priestess to the Goddess of Love & Health grudgingly stuck in an adventuring party with murder-hobos.

Now if only schedules and free times would line up for the next session because I am itching to play more.
Man I haven't updated in forever... Oh well. Going to Kitsunekon again! Yay!
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