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Dungeons and Dragonborn: Basic Baddies by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Basic Baddies
Some of the recurring "Bad Guys" and others in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Neletta - The Lair. We rescued her from an early dungeon and now she works for a Lich. She might be brainwashed.
Jonath - The Traitor. He hired us to go on some raids for gold. Then he sent us into a trap to get betrayed, backstabbed and imprisoned. We HATE him.
Verily - The Magnificent. Flamboyant, flippant and a magical jerk. We don't really hate him, he just creeps us out.
Cyrus - The Cleric. He joined our party as a healer. Then we got imprisoned and he died. He got better and joined the bad guys.
Baju - Our Savior. He only joined for one week as our 8th party member. He saved us from a total party kill. Then vanished before our eyes.
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season One by strangefour
Dungeons and Dragonborn: Season One
The starting Player Characters of the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I'm in. Not all of them have survived.

Gurdrun - Grumpy druid. Had to put up with us butchering monsters we kill for trophies. (Got tired of the party & left.)
Agité - Magical thief. Possibly. Gender also unconfirmed.
Twitch - Attacks first asks questions later. Surprisingly good at accounting.
Meadhbh - Bawdy beer brewing bagpipe blowing bardic dwarf.
Oigos - Slippery fingered swordsman pretending to be a bard, badly. Once injured the party by playing a lute.
Hiro - Son of Hiro. Grandson of Hiro. Albino Tiefling. Maybe a wizard. (Died. Couldn't be rezzed. Cremated.)
Diedrich - Points alot. Very good at pointing. Also maybe a wizard. (Disappeared to parts unknown.)
Matthew - Our pet NPC bard. He was conned into joining the party by a few really lucky rolls. (Died. Twice.)
DnDragonborn: Rags by strangefour
DnDragonborn: Rags
My Dungeons and Dragons party: Astria, Ru "Forever", Twitch, Meadhbh, Oigos (me), Cyrus and Agité.

This is how we stand as we prepare to face whatever our Dungeon Master throws at us for our Halloween adventure.

We kinda got the snot kicked out of us last week and thrown into a dungeon. Stripped of our weapons, armor, and then a bit more.
Mimnona n Friends by strangefour
Mimnona n Friends
A close up of Mimnona's stern troll face. Some of her tavern wench "friends" and a fiery red ogress to contrast Mimnona's icy blueness.

(Due to tagging weirdness, the serpent woman is now named Zealand.)
Yeti Bait: Mimnona by strangefour
Yeti Bait: Mimnona
Never fight a yeti. Yetis fight dirty. Run away from yetis. Yetis will ruin your day.

And then I kind of stopped drawing Mimnona almost two years ago.
Man I haven't updated in forever... Oh well. Going to Kitsunekon again! Yay!
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